Top Eight Ideas for Restaurant Website Design

Looking for restaurant website design services? Choose a professional web development company having expertise in restaurant website design and show off an exclusive styled dining experience. You must look into the fact that your website should be designed in such a manner that it encourages customers to visit the restaurant. The images of wide array of delicious food must be present on your site to attract food lovers. Moreover, the website should be designed in an easy and clear way to let people find all the essential information. The crucial elements of every restaurant website design include professional photography, compelling, concise & clear content, quick access to location, contact numbers and hours of operation. In addition, while designing a restaurant website, you should include easy-to-access menu, online reservations as well as social media buttons. Let’s check out a few ideas for professional restaurant website design:


Use slideshow of cuisine front & Center – You must make use of a slideshow of cuisine front and centre, fitting the width of your screen to attract your customers. The slideshow can include the lists of current specials. This could be an excellent tactic for driving hungry customers through the door. However, there is no need to draw up Google Maps for finding the nearby location. It will be enough if you have an overlaid map providing the necessary information on the homepage.

Keep simple information on the site, paying attention to the brand – A restaurant website usually doesn’t contain much information. It would be more than enough if you just include a menu, ‘contact us’ page, social buttons and an online reservation tab, paying attention to the brand.

Include an overhead image of table setting – You can also have an overhead picture of a table setting with restaurant cuisine set, which will help to set the tone of your website. Take advantage of the capabilities of light, camera and lens to develop the right photography. If required, you can take the help of someone who is competent enough to use the camera and lens. Never mind if you don’t have a large budget for photography. A basic understanding of the essentials of photography can go a long way to solve this problem.

Display pictures of the wide array of dishes – It is common psychology that people will be attracted to the pictures of delicious lunch on the go. So you must include pictures of variety of dishes available. You also have to make a clear use of navigation for allowing customers to get easier access of what they are looking for. Display food front and restaurant center in a simple and effective manner for getting customer attention.

Create site in perfect complement to business philosophy – Design your website in perfect complement to your business philosophy which is to offer great food, outstanding value and practise customer-oriented service.

Define call-to-action clearly – You should clearly define call-to-action for getting instant orders. Photography can play a great role in the overall design of your restaurant website design. You can make use of full-screen slideshow of some delectable dishes that are available in your restaurant every week for getting customers. Moreover, you should talk about your social responsibility and should be easily accessible on social network for letting your customers stay updated with the latest offerings of your restaurant. Prominent call-to-action would be offering gift cards to customers and providing easy access to the social media accounts. You can talk about the current specials of your restaurant menu with the help of a slideshow, which lets your customers know about what are in store for them.

Make it easy for customers to find a menu – You should always design a website in such a way so that it becomes easy for customers to find the menu. If required, take visual cues from design and present them in a fresh and modern format.

Add elegance to composition – While designing website for a restaurant, it is also important to add elegance to the composition. Use subtle gradient in typography and high quality photography. Besides, you can use curved navigation for adding grace to the overall composition of the site. You can use orange and white command on your web layout. Furthermore, oversized headings and full-screen photography together can help to establish your restaurant website as an urban oasis, worthy of checking out. This doesn’t overload your viewers with content. Moreover, JavaScript effects can be used minimally for drawing attention of customers to strong photography.

Follow these ideas and design your restaurant website design in an exclusive way. If you want, you can also appoint one of the top restaurant website design service providers.

Accounting Web Design Does Not Need to Be Ugly, Boring and Bland

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you envisage an accounting website? Most people imagine it to be ugly, boring and bland made up of colorless and heavy text. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be designed in that way! A number of web design companies are available these days who are proficient in designing accounting websites as well as providing search engine optimization for the sites. In fact, they can really take your accounting web design to the next level and can help you to work as a trustworthy and long-term strategic partner for your customers.  Now, let’s check out how the web design and development companies make an accounting website design impressive?

Accounting Web Design Does Not Need to Be Ugly, Boring and Bland

  • Flexible, Customized & Responsive Design – The expert web designers and developers understand the significance of standing out from the competition and attract prospective clients with a design which is truly dressed for success. They express the value proposition of your site through flexible and customized design, B2B brand strategy and right content marketing. Often, they make responsive designs to optimize layouts for desktop computers, netbook computers, laptop, HDTVs, tablet computers and smartphones. So, you don’t have to waste time by looking for an expensive design firm for the sake of developing your mobile site. You may choose one site style with responsive design for adapting to every device Remember that your clients often view your site while returning home in a bus, waiting for the next flight or while relaxing at home. Hence, you must choose the latest CPA website design for accessing your site with all sorts of devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.
  • Online Site Management – Managing site online can be easy with the web development professionals as they offer an online site management program, which helps in editing every on-site page. It is easy-to-use, flexible and web based, without having to download anything. You can edit your site easily like pointing and clicking. However, you need to login to site manager for displaying your website. You can then make use of the site map for going to the page you want to edit and click the item you like to edit. In case you have an existing site and want to add features like monthly newsletters, financial calculators and email marketing programs, you can simply copy the content of the site and paste it to the site management tool. Accounting website developers also help you to work with WYSIWYG editor, which is a powerful yet simple tool. Here you can start typing like MS Word and can change font size, color, style, italics as per your requirement. Moreover, it helps you to format paragraphs, insert tables, edit cells and row and insert hyperlink to any page on your website or to an external page. You can easily create customized web pages with “Microsoft Word to HTML Converter”, build a page in Microsoft Word and then cut and paste it into a WYSIWYG editor. This helps to preserve your formatting and automatically convert it to HTML.
  • Navigation Menu – Furthermore, the web development company helps to make your site impressive by creating multi-level navigation menu. By having multi-level navigation facility on your website, you can easily navigate thousands of web pages through intuitive sections as well as subsections. This acts as an interactive table of contents and helps you to access every page on your site. As a result, your clients don’t get lost by visiting your site and can easily find out what they want.
  • Video & Stock Photographs – The web designers create your website in such a flexible way that you can add video and stock photographs for converting your web visitors to clients. You can add as many photographs you want by taking pictures with the camera and uploading them to site. Different types of professional pictures can be taken for your site including the picture of your building, local landmarks, staff members and can be quickly posted on your web page.
  • Feedback Forms – Customized online feedback forms are also developed by the web designers so that you can enquire your web visitors through these forms. All these responses are directly forwarded to your specified email id. Besides, if you like to offer a new accounting service, you can opt for a survey to find out whether your customers would use it or not. You can also organize a contest and use the form for collecting responses.
  • Custom Slideshows for CPA – Now, if you inform your web designers that you want to build an accounting website for drawing visitors, they will create a welcome page for your site with custom slideshow. The slideshow makes your welcome page to pop and shows off your professionalism in a great way. As a CPA, it’s essential to be a part of your local community as your clients will not entertain a professional in another state. A hometown accountant is always the preferred choice for clients, who has a proper understanding of local taxes and acquaintances with professionals from other areas. A custom slideshow validates that to your clients. As soon as you provide 4 to 5 pictures of your local landmarks with a few staff members and place them in your slideshow, anybody clicking on your home page can see that you’re a part of their community.

So, how can you say that an accounting web design is ugly, boring and bland? It is no longer dull if you choose the right web design and development company. Choose a proficient web designer for accounting web design and build an engaging website for encouraging visitors and positioning your brand. This helps to make a good impression to your prospective clients.

Key Aspects to Mull Over in Choosing a Good Web Design Agency

Your website is the face of your business on the Internet and also a tool for success. However, in order to be successful in your online endeavors, you need to provide better user experience to your customers. And, to accomplish it, you need to choose the right web designers in Virginia or elsewhere in the US.

With so many web design agencies out there, it can be a monumental task to choose a good web design agency that is perfect for your website development work. So, here are a few aspects that you need to focus on while selecting a web design agency.


It is necessary that the web design agency you choose comes with a rich experience. You can judge this by reviewing their design portfolio and the number of clients they have served. The number will tell you about the wide spectrum of projects they have successfully handled. To get the required information, you can ask questions such as:

  • How long have you been designing websites?
  • How many clients do you have?
  • How many employees work in your website design agency?

Designing Costs

Website designing can be a bit expensive. It is hard to estimate accurate designing costs as there is no pricing standard established for this type of creative work. Some web design firms may charge you less while some may ask for an exorbitant price.

Don’t get tempted to select a design agency offering the lowest quote. Remember, you get what you pay for. One thing that you must know that companies offering lower prices often design websites completely based on your idea. They will use ready-made/stock templates that make your website look like one in the crowd. You should look for a web design company who offers out-of-the box solutions that are unique and can establish your brand presence well enough. You should look for a balance of creativity and expertise that justifies the development costs.

Ability to Update Content by Self

This is an important aspect that points towards reducing maintenance costs in the future. This aspect is important for small and medium sized businesses that have simple websites with a few pages. You need to ensure the web design agency uses popular CMS option so that you can add or modify content by self in the future.

Key Aspects to Mull Over in Choosing a Good Web Design Agency

Responsive Design

A responsive design goes a long way in increasing your search engine rankings. The web design firm you choose should have the capability to deliver a website with a responsive design. This will eliminate the need for a separate mobile website. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you will end up losing a lot of Internet traffic to your competitor.


It is nice to have a good looking website, but does it convert prospects into customers? This is a big question that you need to ask the web design company you select. A good web design agency will know what makes websites convert. They will know “if-it-looks-good-it will-convert” does not work in current market situation.

A good web design company will ensure your website has all elements of better user experience- proper layout, faster loading, easy navigation, meaningful content, and calls to action on all important pages.

Everything in One Place

The website design firm you select should offer all supporting services required to run a website. Besides graphic design services, it is advisable to choose a web design company ( that offers other online services such as hosting, domain name, content writing services, search engine optimization, and online marketing.

Finding a good design agency is a tough task for every business owner. You need to focus on above given aspects while choosing a web design agency to ensure you get a great website that will give high returns on your investment.

Small Business Website Design: Custom Built Versus Template Based

Establishing an online website and creating an online presence is an integral part of a business in the present competitive arena of entrepreneurship. Creating an optimized website within the budget so as to attract a wide range of traffic is a must for any small business to flourish. Most customers look to surf the internet for information on services and goods that comes to them instantly through a well-defined website that holds their attention.

Custom website design or website template

For a small business to stand out from the crowd and to gain a permanent place in the customer’s mind, it needs to have an appealing web presence.  There are two main choices to attain this, either through a template web design or through a custom web design for small businessSmall Business Website Design: Custom Built Versus Template Based, in either case good search and hard work is essential to gain better search engine results. Having a good looking website is part of the internet marketing paradigm and having to build a website through templates also needs quality time investments and money. Before deciding through which method, a business website needs to be designed, research on the cost of both the methods, time incurred in developing the website through both these methods, and the time incurred to build the product online, within the same time frame.

Custom Website Design

A custom website is unique to a business, it gets developed from scratch. Its information architecture, graphics, navigational structure, administrative back end, functions all gets designed based on the specifications lineated by the website owners. A custom web design is ideal for a small business with established branding guidelines that reflect the nature of the business exactly. Custom websites offer every single aspect required to elevate the status of the website beyond boundaries. It includes all integrities of a professional business site such as search engine optimization, data analytics, integration with social media and so on. All of these are possible with a custom website design.


•  The website holds a unique design incorporating all basic needs of the business.

•  The Content Management System gets built into the site to make it easy for its owners to manage the site’s content by themselves.

•  Custom website designs are search engine friendly.

•  The website is highly adaptable to the needs of the business.

•  The website is cross browser compatible.

•  Offers the best user experience possible as it is being built based on owner’s specifications.

•  Continuous support is offered post website development.

Template Based Website

Even though custom website translates business specifications exactly, they are not needed in all cases, start-ups could be fine with pre-defined website templates as well.  These templates offer the modest internet presence for a business and is ideal for those with short deadlines for launching, little content, and websites having small budget and little project scope. They are economical and are quick to get launched as they are based on a pre-existing layout and includes only few basic functions such as social media links, contact forms, pre-defined content etc. It also allows very less customization with graphics, colors, fonts etc.


For those businesses that value the importance of a strong online identity, it is important to invest in a web design that is being custom built, rather than finding a template that fits the brand. But as a business grows, its website needs to grow as well, irrespective of building a website or implementing a pre-defined template, it is important for it to keep migrating towards robust and custom defined solutions as the business evolves over time.

How a User-Friendly Web-Design Can Boost Your Business

A website gives credibility to your business. Your website is the online face of your business and also a trusted source of information about your services. And it’s the website design that plays a key role in making your site a success. But, just a generic design doesn’t work. Your design should give the users a reason to navigate your site.

Here are a couple of ways how web design for small business can boost sales.

Keeps Them Engaged

A website which is well designed and user-friendly prevents confusion in visitor’s mind. As per research, visitors form an opinion about your website in a few milliseconds. They might choose to stay and explore the different pages only if the web design is easy to navigate. A good website design will also ensure your customers stay at your site for longer periods and will reduce bounce rates.

Makes Customers Happy

The primary objective of every business is to make customers happy. Efficient web designs not only enhance the visibility of your site but can actually help in resolving customer queries. To make your customers happy, you need to ensure they do not need to wait for the site to load. Also, it is necessary that they do not have to dig into the menus to find what they need. A user friendly web design will ensure that they can easily find the information they are looking for and this will encourage them to keep coming back.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

When your customers are happy with you, they will become your brand advocate and will bring in more business opportunities. Imagine how much sales and marketing expenses you can save here.

How a User-Friendly Web-Design Can Boost Your Business

User-friendly design is highly recommended to top the chart in SERPas well. This means increased visibility on search engines, resulting in more hot leads. Yes, it’s hot because they are inbound leads and not outbound. This would slash your paid customer acquisition activities. You can use the saved money for tapping new business opportunities.

Gives You Competitive Advantage

A user friendly website offers a competitive advantage as well. Research tells us people have less attention span and they are more likely to forget what is not unique. This applies to your users as well.

But, you never need to worry when you go for a user-friendly design as it is a great way to capture the attention of users. In this way, it helps you stand out from the crowd. That means more page views, more customers and more revenue.

Easy to Access

A good website design comes with well-planned information architecture. It is seen that several websites offer a wide range of information and resources to the visitors. But they often neglect the accessibility feature. If the users cannot access the information they are looking for easily, then no matter how valuable the information might be, all your effort would be in vain.

A user friendly website design is a savior here. The visitor is not required to read and understand each and every word on the page. This allows the visitor to determine quickly whether the information is relevant to his/her needs quickly.

Content is King, but usability is equally important. There is no point in offering quality content that is not easily accessible. So, make sure you don’t ignore to make your design user-friendly. You could also hire web design agencies to help you develop the perfect web design for your business.

So, how do you plan to make your website user friendly? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments and share your experience below and thanks for reading!

Business Advantages of WHM VPS Optimized

WHM VPS Optimized is the type of server side technology which is popular for enhancing the capacity of server memory and consequently delivering advantages in runtime speed as well as performance. Server memory utilization is undoubtedly a big consideration for ensuring better server performance and delivering the functional benefits from the hosting company. Increasing concern over the slow runtime and contributing factors like server memory space gave rise to the popularity of WHM VPS optimized among hosting companies. WHM VPS optimized has shown a cost effective and practical approach to solve the issues concerning memory usage and it has contributed largely to the popularity of smart virtualized server environment.

Business Advantages of WHM VPS Optimized

What is WHM VPS Optimized?

WHM VPS Optimized as the name suggests, is an enhanced server control panel that besides offering all the cPanel advantages take care of memory utilization in VPS hosting servers ( This is a specifically cPanel version with addition of capability to take care of server memory usage. The panel can only be used by VPS license users. Typical server side management and administrative features are in full force with this control panel and in addition to that the hosting client can experience more efficient utilization of memory. As standard addons, third party software plugins and a bevy of features in cPanel can actually contribute to less availability of memory space for intensive tasks, WHM VPS Optimized comes to rescue by creating better room for apps to function and tasks to be executed. Basically this value added control panel prevents server overload and make server side functioning smooth.

Advantages of WHM VPS Optimized for small businesses

Small businesses like the big ones always do not rely on web activities to convert business for them. But in a world largely influenced by digital maneuvers web presence is a crucial element to elevate their brand image and keep in touch with their stakeholders, peers and customers. This branding often makes a crucial contribution to their business outcomes and growth in overall measure. So, although it is very unlikely for them to choose expensive dedicated servers, the slow speed, sluggish runtime speed and performance of shared servers is also inept to serve their purpose. Thus, WHM VPS Optimized offers an ideal hosting solution for them guaranteeing highest possible run time speed and performance while charging an affordable price.

VPS or virtual private servers basically belong to shared hosting environment, although they offer the hosting service from virtualized servers offering smarter management of server side resources and ensuring far enhanced performance to the users. Thus offering a business equipped highly efficient hosting service comparable to dedicated servers in many aspects they remain affordable choice for businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, with advanced control panel systems like cPanel and WHM VPS Optimized VPS get further boost in respect of performance, speed, scalability and feature set. Thus in respect of quality hosting credentials, utilization of memory and price, VPS seems invincible option for growing number of business users.

WHM VPS Optimized comes loaded with all the functional ease, feature set and flexibility of a dedicated hosting environment, although charging only a fraction of the cost from the hosting client. Scalability of server with the business growth is also another major attribute of this server control panel system. Virtualized hosting environment is already known for adaptability to evolving server requirements and now with the addition of state of the art control panel systems like cPanel and WHM VPS Optimized it can go even further in serving business needs by ensuring server performance.

Utilization of memory in WHM VPS Optimized

Ensuring performance of the servers is the most crucial aspect for a hosting company as far as staying ahead of competition is concerned. Similarly, for a business website ensuring faster upload time and smooth runtime experience are crucial to enjoy consistent traffic and business conversion. Constraints in memory and lack of runtime memory often put major obstacle to all of these. An online transaction can be interrupted because of this or for the same reason a page may take too long to upload. All of these can be detrimental to the overall user experience and brand value of the business sites. By creating more memory space in servers WHM VPS Optimized just prevents such a scenario. This control panel can create up to 60 to 70% memory space to offer more room for memory intensive tasks and overall performance of the server. Thanks to WHM VPS Optimized there will be less or no downtime for the hosting server as lot of space is created for the server side tasks.

The Benefits of cPanel Hosting for Business

cPanel is the favorite web based server side control panel that gained unparalleled popularity for its flexibility, ease and robust feature set. Almost all hosting companies offer cPanel as part of their hosting package. It can run with any operating system offering highest flexibility in comparison to most other hosting services. The control panel has gained huge popularity because of offering feature rich server management experience and allowing total control over all server management tasks.

The Benefits of cPanel Hosting for BusinesscPanel and Web Hosting for Beginners

cPanel is a Linux based control panel having extremely easy to use interface and an array of powerful tools.  From allowing users handling the hosting accounts and websites in a easy manner to exercising total control over all server side tasks and functionalities like domain management, file management, database administration, email account management and configuration, software and third party plugin setup and configuration, server security, etc.

Actually cPanel just fits into any type of server requirements including that of big traffic heavy sites to small business websites to aspiring start-ups. Particularly for small businesses, start-ups and beginners in the hosting a website, cPanel offers an ideal choice as with it you can choose less expensive cPanel VPS hosting instead of costly dedicated hosting.

Features of cPanel Website Hosting

Let us begin with some of the most well known features and benefits of CPanel hosting.

  With cPanel you can experience extreme ease in managing website tools.

  All the administrative functions are at your disposal without creating any confusion.

  cPanel allows adding domains easily without much complexity.

  With cPanel you can add new databases with just a click.

  There is an array of tools for building designs that can be handled by both experienced ones and beginners.

  An array of cPanel third party plugins will allow adding lot of custom features.

  With cPanel you can enjoy unparalleled security and protection for hotlink as well as bandwidth.

Even when you have a relatively cheaper web hosting package cPanel will take care of lot of aspects that are missing in the package. This makes this control panel a great cost saving tool as well.

User Benefits of having cPanel

cPanel hosting seen from the user’s point has the following advantages.

  A feature reach hosting package: You have a widest range of features that makes server management and control extremely easy and value added. From adding domains to quickly checking bandwidth availability and use to viewing server statistics to managing emails, FTTP accounts, domains and sub-domains, you have all functions with this control panel.

  Glitch free maintenance:  Maintenance is needed for any website to make things perfect and ensure optimum performance from time to time. Maintenance involves monitoring and backup of directories, data backup and many other aspects. For all these tasks cPanel facilitates automated scheduler and task process requiring least manual intervention.

  Wide array of plugins: There are hundreds of third party software plugins that enhances the cPanel functions and usability further.

Key things in cPanel administrative area

Login in to the cPanel administrative area one can finally get in touch with the advantages offered by this acclaimed control panel system. Let us have a quick look at some of the key sections and what they contain or offer.

  Special addons: Among special cPanel addons you can choose various things that you may need for your website including WordPress themes, SiteLock and web design services.

  Domain management : This is a section for managing sub-domains,  add new domains, parked domains and configure redirects.

  Databases: As the name suggests this sction will allow you to access databases.

  Managing email accounts:  From setting up new accounts to managing emails to setting auto responders, this section will do all conceding email accounts.

  Files: This section will allow access to backup files and manage your files. In backing up files cPanel can be scheduled and accordingly from time to time you can run this.

  Logs and directory: This section will allow access to all the stats.

  Addons and plugins: In this section you will have all the third party plugins, addons and  third party software that you can utilize according to the requirement.

From the above mentioned features and attributes it is clear that cPanel hosting allows you to do almost anything you ever expected to manage the server. Sporting a clean look and feel and offering unparalleled flexibility with rich feature set, cPanel gives a comprehensive server side experience.

WHM VPS Optimized for Small Businesses

Before we speak about WHM and WHM VPS optimized, it is fair to discuss the advantages of using a VPS server to host the websites of a small business.

Availability of resources and budget are two of the biggest differences between a large corporation and a small business. Taking websites into consideration, the capabilities and resources used by a small business website are considerably less when compared to the web resources used up by a large corporation website. Dedicated servers are counted upon by website owners for its uptime reliability and unmatched performance. Hence websites which are needed to be kept up and running 24×7 with no downtime or performance issues are mostly hosted on a dedicated server, thus granting the exclusivity of the server to that site alone. Albeit, dedicated servers need to have a dedicated team to manage the hosting process and only those businesses who can afford the maintenance charges can go for it. On the flip side, small businesses have limited resources and budget on their side to invest all of their money on the website hosting alone. Hence, rather than opting for dedicated private servers to manage their websites, small businesses normally opt for shared servers which host many other websites along with theirs. However, shared servers face a lot of performance issues, power outage and unexpected downtime resulting in undue losses. Hence a virtual private server (VPS) seems like a bargain given the above conditions of both dedicated and shared servers, one which offers the privacy and flexibility of a dedicated server, but still the lower price and simplicity of a shared server. Though the RAM and memory of a VPS server are divided among multiple website accounts, each account has its own share of the time and memory, thus ensuring no website has to be affected due to the performance/traffic surge of another site.

Speaking of WHM VPS Optimized for Small BusinessesWHM VPS optimized, Web host managers (WHM), as the name implies are powerful software programs or consoles that are used to administer the control panel (cPanel) of a website and manage multiple sites, accounts, domains and sub domains on a hosting server. Using cPanel WHM one can create and manage multiple cPanel accounts on a server and assign them to sites of importance and popularity. A WHM also offers a set of tools to customize the control panel, change the domain names and user names and switch between various cPanel accounts. That being said about WHM, here are a few advantages of using a VPS optimized WHM for web and server management.

• On a VPS, using WHM VPS optimized a website host can alter the bandwidth allocation to particular sites and distribute it wisely among sites which need it the most. The bandwidth and other resources can be upgraded only when needed, thus saving a lot of money unlike a dedicated server (

• Using a WHM one can configure the status and security of a hosting server. A WHM VPS optimized can address many performance issues like RAM and memory constraints that are normally faced by shared servers.

• As told before, shared servers face a lot of memory constraints as there are many sites hosted on a single server and the allocated memory space might run out sometimes. A WHM VPS optimized can reduce memory usage by 12-15 megabytes, thus enabling an optimized use of the allocated memory.

• Baseline memory usage numbers are also significantly reduced by employing a WHM VPS optimized. In addition, a WHM that is VPS optimized offers a third layer of performance enhancement by DNS clustering with the syncing process and error detection.

• A VPS optimized WHM offers a redesigned log processing daemon that reduces utilization of memory and a process monitoring daemon that includes service-specific verification, thus making the VPS environment more conducive by offering dedicated memory and a well-planned RAM utilization.

• Lastly, deployment, installation and updating a WHM VPS optimized is relatively easy and once deployed, the above mentioned features of optimization are applied automatically and immediately.

cPanel VPS License vs. cPanel Dedicated Server License

It has been seen that web hosts taking the full advantage of new technologies in their hosting strategies enjoy greater success and business growth compared to others. As web hosting is continuing to evolve new technology exceeding the existing expectation often becoming a winning factor. Virtual private server or VPS, is one of the hosting tools that have become hugely popular in recent times and rose to prominence with the increasing demand in hosting industry. VPS hosting is quintessentially a type of shared hosting that with just one server can manage many separate hosting accounts. Before getting into the detailed attributes of cPanel VPS license or cPanel dedicated server license let us have a quick grasp on how VPS hosting works.

What is VPS hosting and how it works?

As we have already mentioned VPS or virtual private server hosting allows several accounts to operate through a single physical server. Each different account has their own individual way of functioning and server access as in other types of shared hosting. But while other shared hosting does not allow any account root access to the server, VPS may allow this access and thus it takes the shared hosting to one step ahead. The root access translates into more user control by the clients which further boils down to better user experience by the users of web based apps. In a time when feature set is a strong selling point for most web based services and apps VPS naturally would provide an edge over other variations of shared hosting. Another important thing is, in spite of offering root access to client accounts, it maintains server security to the optimum level.

Difference between cPanel VPS License and cPanel Dedicated Server License

Linux based web hosting control panel widely known as cPanel is both available on a virtual private server or VPS and on dedicated server. There are pros and cons on both sides. cPanel license on dedicated server covers all the accounts operating through it and while using cPanel on a dedicated server, you actually add as many accounts as possible in the server with the same license. But in case of cPanel VPS you require a separate license for each single partition of the server. It entirely depends on the configuration of the server to decide how many licenses you require. As a hosting provider sets out to sell each partition separately to clients, he can purchase the respective licenses separately as well. Each partition of the server may be permitted for unlimited number of virtual accounts. Any one among these two types of cPanel licenses can be purchased for a server. In the same server apply both VPS and dedicated cPanel license.

The information mentioned above only contains the basic guidelines concerning the licenses in two types of cPanel ( configuration. Every hosting client requirement is different and each server configuration also differs accordingly. So, as per your requirement which cPanel license is befitting to your purpose cannot be determined without getting deeper into your requirements.

Professional Web Design Gives an Advertising Advantage

At the close of last year, there were over 230 million websites in existence with 47 million being added in 2009 alone.  The Internet is a global phenomenon that dominates life in almost every part of the globe.  How can you make your website stand out in a crowd of millions?  The key is professional web design.

Your website is the virtual face of your business.  It provides information about your services, captures potential clients and keeps your existing client base informed and engaged.  It is the superlative form of interactive advertising.  Producing a web site goes far beyond simply being creative.  It involves reaching a target market, having a good hosting site, being accessible, and having minimal (if any) downtime when changes are made to the site.   Professional web design companies consider all these factors in order to give you not only a sharp looking website, but one that will also increase your business.

If you are in the market for professional web design, it is a good idea to check out the websites of the designers you are interested in.  Ask yourself if you are pleased with the look of their website.  Most designers have an online portfolio that you can browse to see the variety of styles they are capable of.  This portfolio also allows you to see what type of clientele your prospective designer works with.  While many professional web design companies create for an extremely varied client base, you may find some that specialize in niche industries such as entertainment or finance.

It is a good idea to select two or three professional web design companies to interview.  As good as things look on paper (or in this case, on the screen) you must make sure you can work comfortably with the designer.  Creating a web site is a significant investment for your company and one that requires both your input and the knowledge of the professional designer.  You must feel comfortable and confident expressing your ideas. He or she must be able to clearly communicate your options (flash, forms, video, etc).  Consider the creation of your site a joint venture – one that can only take place if both parties envision the same end result.

While there are many web creation resources available for the do-it-yourself personality, it is clearly worth the time and money to invest in professional web design.  With your input and their expertise, your website will literally be one in a million.