Accounting Web Design Does Not Need to Be Ugly, Boring and Bland

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you envisage an accounting website? Most people imagine it to be ugly, boring and bland made up of colorless and heavy text. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be designed in that way! A number of web design companies are available these days who are proficient in designing accounting websites as well as providing search engine optimization for the sites. In fact, they can really take your accounting web design to the next level and can help you to work as a trustworthy and long-term strategic partner for your customers.  Now, let’s check out how the web design and development companies make an accounting website design impressive?

Accounting Web Design Does Not Need to Be Ugly, Boring and Bland

  • Flexible, Customized & Responsive Design – The expert web designers and developers understand the significance of standing out from the competition and attract prospective clients with a design which is truly dressed for success. They express the value proposition of your site through flexible and customized design, B2B brand strategy and right content marketing. Often, they make responsive designs to optimize layouts for desktop computers, netbook computers, laptop, HDTVs, tablet computers and smartphones. So, you don’t have to waste time by looking for an expensive design firm for the sake of developing your mobile site. You may choose one site style with responsive design for adapting to every device Remember that your clients often view your site while returning home in a bus, waiting for the next flight or while relaxing at home. Hence, you must choose the latest CPA website design for accessing your site with all sorts of devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.
  • Online Site Management – Managing site online can be easy with the web development professionals as they offer an online site management program, which helps in editing every on-site page. It is easy-to-use, flexible and web based, without having to download anything. You can edit your site easily like pointing and clicking. However, you need to login to site manager for displaying your website. You can then make use of the site map for going to the page you want to edit and click the item you like to edit. In case you have an existing site and want to add features like monthly newsletters, financial calculators and email marketing programs, you can simply copy the content of the site and paste it to the site management tool. Accounting website developers also help you to work with WYSIWYG editor, which is a powerful yet simple tool. Here you can start typing like MS Word and can change font size, color, style, italics as per your requirement. Moreover, it helps you to format paragraphs, insert tables, edit cells and row and insert hyperlink to any page on your website or to an external page. You can easily create customized web pages with “Microsoft Word to HTML Converter”, build a page in Microsoft Word and then cut and paste it into a WYSIWYG editor. This helps to preserve your formatting and automatically convert it to HTML.
  • Navigation Menu – Furthermore, the web development company helps to make your site impressive by creating multi-level navigation menu. By having multi-level navigation facility on your website, you can easily navigate thousands of web pages through intuitive sections as well as subsections. This acts as an interactive table of contents and helps you to access every page on your site. As a result, your clients don’t get lost by visiting your site and can easily find out what they want.
  • Video & Stock Photographs – The web designers create your website in such a flexible way that you can add video and stock photographs for converting your web visitors to clients. You can add as many photographs you want by taking pictures with the camera and uploading them to site. Different types of professional pictures can be taken for your site including the picture of your building, local landmarks, staff members and can be quickly posted on your web page.
  • Feedback Forms – Customized online feedback forms are also developed by the web designers so that you can enquire your web visitors through these forms. All these responses are directly forwarded to your specified email id. Besides, if you like to offer a new accounting service, you can opt for a survey to find out whether your customers would use it or not. You can also organize a contest and use the form for collecting responses.
  • Custom Slideshows for CPA – Now, if you inform your web designers that you want to build an accounting website for drawing visitors, they will create a welcome page for your site with custom slideshow. The slideshow makes your welcome page to pop and shows off your professionalism in a great way. As a CPA, it’s essential to be a part of your local community as your clients will not entertain a professional in another state. A hometown accountant is always the preferred choice for clients, who has a proper understanding of local taxes and acquaintances with professionals from other areas. A custom slideshow validates that to your clients. As soon as you provide 4 to 5 pictures of your local landmarks with a few staff members and place them in your slideshow, anybody clicking on your home page can see that you’re a part of their community.

So, how can you say that an accounting web design is ugly, boring and bland? It is no longer dull if you choose the right web design and development company. Choose a proficient web designer for accounting web design and build an engaging website for encouraging visitors and positioning your brand. This helps to make a good impression to your prospective clients.

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