Benefits of Using the cPanel/WHM

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Managing your website would require various tools. There should be different tools to generate content on the website you are hosting. After creating the website, you should be creating an account for your website, which also requires a tool. Another tool is needed to control the website’s backup and recovery. In the same way, you will need a tool to manage your hosting server for the website.

The cPanel is the web hosting solution based on UNIX, which provides a graphical interface along with the automation tool that makes the web hosting process simpler. The cPanel includes a wide range of tools essential for the easy management of the website and its content. It is a popular solution for the management of the content, accounts, and files which also takes care of the security of the data. The web-hosting manager (WHM) helps in simplifying the process of managing the website servers. It provides complete control of the server management through the web browser.

List of important features of the cPanel/WHM that makes it the best web hosting solutions:

Superb security for the website

One needs to secure the data, if revealed to the hackers will cause a greater damage to the critical business and client information. You would need the best security solution to protect your data against the potential threats to your content. The cPanel/WHM allows you to protect your data with excellent security to your website. The virus and spam poses a great threat as well, and again the cPanel provides excellent protection against those threats.

Managing the reseller accounts

You can easily allocate the reseller hosting ( accounts to the users, allowing them to manage their accounts for any number of reseller web hosting accounts. Through the web-hosting manager, the reseller web hosting account holder can rebrand their reseller web hosting account and modify their cPanel appearance and other related things.

Excellent data backup and restore

cPanel/WHM allows you to back up your data in the case of an emergency so that you can restore it from your backup. The backup process can be scheduled, and there is no need to manually backup the data from the server. A web-based wizard takes care of the backup data and restores it when there are problems affecting the data.

Easy Tutorials

The interface of the cPanel includes the video tutorials and onscreen help. This enables the hosting customers to manage their accounts without any help from web-hosting support staff. New users can also benefit from the tutorials on “getting started” included in cPanel guide.

White label reseller support

The advantage of using the cPanel is that one can sell the white label reseller accounts. This allows the customers to sell their hosting plans without having to change their brand name. The customers can rebrand their hosting, and they can change the logo with their brand logo.

You will be able to have dedicated servers to your website using cPanel that allow you to easily create hosting accounts and perform related administrative task. You will be able to manage various aspects of the hosting servers related to your website. The demand for the dedicated servers is increasing in the market, and there are many internet sites, which are offering dedicated servers for the customers for a reasonable price. You can take advantage of these dedicated servers for the best price for your websites and manage them using the cPanel, VPS cPanel and web-hosting manager.

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