Can Hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer Help You?

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Your company’s visual image plays an important role in the overall success of your business. Considering this, it is very important for you to hire the best graphic designer who can portray your company’ best image to your customer. You have two options- hire a graphic design agency or freelance graphic designer. Let’s weigh your options and see if hiring a freelance graphic designer can help you.

Low Overhead Costs

It is one of the primary reasons to select a freelance graphic designer instead of a design agency. A graphic design company is a business establishment with several employees other than graphic designers. The overhead costs such as wages, insurance, holidays, superannuation, maternity leave are some of the things that increase the cost of your design project.

Freelance designers do not have many of these overhead costs. Majority of freelancers work from home and they are not required to pay for office space or other staff. The benefit of lower overhead costs is transferred to their clients.

No Queues

Graphic designers in a graphic design company might be working on several design projects simultaneously. Considering this your design project might not get the required attention and priority that you expect. Graphic design companies are likely to give more attention to big design projects.

On the other hand, you can expect more personal attention to your project from a freelance graphic designer in Los Angeles. Majority of freelancers don’t have big clients because they have limited resources in comparison to design companies. Also since they work with a limited number of clients at a time, they are more likely to be prompt when replying to your requests or queries.

New Technology

Technology advancements in graphic design field are rapid. Some graphic design companies might be unable to adjust efficiently to the technology changes. Also, graphic design companies are more likely to follow their proven business model and continue with older technologies until they become irrelevant.

Freelance graphic designers are likely to learn new technologies to keep up with the changes in the design field to stay ahead in competition.

Direct Communication

Communication plays an important role in the overall success of a project. When you hire a graphic design company you communicate your ideas and plans to the project manager and not to the graphic designers who actually works on your design project. This leaves room for miscommunication which affects the quality of the output. The rework also leads to project delays which might jeopardize your business plans.

When you work with a freelance graphic designer, you communicate directly with the person who will work on your project. This reduces chances of miscommunication.

Your Project is Important

Freelancers face tough competition. For them, every design project is an opportunity to showcase their skills to the world and enrich their work portfolio. This means a freelancer is more likely to pour his/her heart out to create fabulous designs that attract your customer’s attention.

As mentioned earlier, graphic design companies give preference to big-budget projects. If your design project is small they might not care to give their best to your project as their main attention is elsewhere. They might only focus on completing your project and not give the importance it needs.


Due to workload, graphic design companies may not give all attention to complete your project on time. Even if the project is completed on time and you need some rework on some designs, you might be required to wait for a longer time due to a long chain of communication and their busy schedules.

With a freelancer, you have a direct line of communication. Besides completing your project on time, the freelancer would provide you quick rework as per your requirement in hope of more work from you. Freelancers care for their clients more and put in more efforts to satisfy them on every aspect.

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