Business Advantages of WHM VPS Optimized

WHM VPS Optimized is the type of server side technology which is popular for enhancing the capacity of server memory and consequently delivering advantages in runtime speed as well as performance. Server memory utilization is undoubtedly a big consideration for ensuring better server performance and delivering the functional benefits from the hosting company. Increasing concern […]

The Benefits of cPanel Hosting for Business

cPanel is the favorite web based server side control panel that gained unparalleled popularity for its flexibility, ease and robust feature set. Almost all hosting companies offer cPanel as part of their hosting package. It can run with any operating system offering highest flexibility in comparison to most other hosting services. The control panel has […]

WHM VPS Optimized for Small Businesses

Before we speak about WHM and WHM VPS optimized, it is fair to discuss the advantages of using a VPS server to host the websites of a small business. Availability of resources and budget are two of the biggest differences between a large corporation and a small business. Taking websites into consideration, the capabilities and […]

cPanel VPS License vs. cPanel Dedicated Server License

It has been seen that web hosts taking the full advantage of new technologies in their hosting strategies enjoy greater success and business growth compared to others. As web hosting is continuing to evolve new technology exceeding the existing expectation often becoming a winning factor. Virtual private server or VPS, is one of the hosting […]

Benefits of Using the cPanel/WHM

Managing your website would require various tools. There should be different tools to generate content on the website you are hosting. After creating the website, you should be creating an account for your website, which also requires a tool. Another tool is needed to control the website’s backup and recovery. In the same way, you […]

A Definitive Guide to cPanel VPS Hosting

ite often users get bogged down by technical jargons and tend to make a big deal out of things which are otherwise simple as two plus two four. cPanel VPS hosting although sounds cryptic, with acronyms broken down to their surface can make it look friendly and something to delve deeper. What this blog will […]