cPanel VPS License vs. cPanel Dedicated Server License

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It has been seen that web hosts taking the full advantage of new technologies in their hosting strategies enjoy greater success and business growth compared to others. As web hosting is continuing to evolve new technology exceeding the existing expectation often becoming a winning factor. Virtual private server or VPS, is one of the hosting tools that have become hugely popular in recent times and rose to prominence with the increasing demand in hosting industry. VPS hosting is quintessentially a type of shared hosting that with just one server can manage many separate hosting accounts. Before getting into the detailed attributes of cPanel VPS license or cPanel dedicated server license let us have a quick grasp on how VPS hosting works.

What is VPS hosting and how it works?

As we have already mentioned VPS or virtual private server hosting allows several accounts to operate through a single physical server. Each different account has their own individual way of functioning and server access as in other types of shared hosting. But while other shared hosting does not allow any account root access to the server, VPS may allow this access and thus it takes the shared hosting to one step ahead. The root access translates into more user control by the clients which further boils down to better user experience by the users of web based apps. In a time when feature set is a strong selling point for most web based services and apps VPS naturally would provide an edge over other variations of shared hosting. Another important thing is, in spite of offering root access to client accounts, it maintains server security to the optimum level.

Difference between cPanel VPS License and cPanel Dedicated Server License

Linux based web hosting control panel widely known as cPanel is both available on a virtual private server or VPS and on dedicated server. There are pros and cons on both sides. cPanel license on dedicated server covers all the accounts operating through it and while using cPanel on a dedicated server, you actually add as many accounts as possible in the server with the same license. But in case of cPanel VPS you require a separate license for each single partition of the server. It entirely depends on the configuration of the server to decide how many licenses you require. As a hosting provider sets out to sell each partition separately to clients, he can purchase the respective licenses separately as well. Each partition of the server may be permitted for unlimited number of virtual accounts. Any one among these two types of cPanel licenses can be purchased for a server. In the same server apply both VPS and dedicated cPanel license.

The information mentioned above only contains the basic guidelines concerning the licenses in two types of cPanel ( configuration. Every hosting client requirement is different and each server configuration also differs accordingly. So, as per your requirement which cPanel license is befitting to your purpose cannot be determined without getting deeper into your requirements.

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