Five Critical Misconceptions about Freelance Graphic Designers

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The freelance economy is rising and increasing the number of people are looking for contract positions in organizations. According to a Forbes survey, freelancers make up 35% of the US workforce. Despite the growing trend of contract and freelancing work, there are several misconceptions surrounding the freelancers’ community. Here are 5 misconceptions about freelance graphic designers in Los Angeles.

  1.  Anyone Can Be a Graphic Designer

Many of your friends might know design software such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, PhotoStudio, etc. but that does not make them a professional graphic designer. Knowing basic skills is a different thing than mastering an art.

Freelance graphic designers know how to create professional designs. They have not become experts overnight and they have learned a lot through their experience, continual self-education, lots of practice and working on diverse projects.

It takes patience and time to excel at being a great professional graphic designer and it is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.

  1. Freelance Graphic Designers Cannot Get Themselves a Job

Many freelance web designers are so talented that any design house would be happy to employ them. The fact is they have chosen this path of career due to their own reasons and certainly not because they don’t have job opportunities.

Freelance web designers have the capability to get work on their own.  Hence, many graphics designers who have chosen the freelance path are happy with their careers and earnings.

Another misconception is that freelancers earn so much that they don’t need a full-time job. In reality, freelancers might be working on several part-time projects at a time that is equivalent to working full-time. Also, many graphic designers also take up non-design projects to balance their finances.

  1. Freelancers Work Dirt Cheap

Freelance graphic designers charge less that design companies but that does not mean they will work at the lowest price you offer. The freelance graphic designer is able to offer a comparatively low price as he/she does most of his work like research, brainstorming by himself/herself.

The designs are created single-handedly and there are no overhead costs like office rent, employee’s payment, and other costs.

  1. Freelancer Graphic Designers Know Little About Art

Color choices, style, hierarchy, composition are important elements of a design. At every basic foundation of a great design lies ingrained knowledge and soul of the graphic designer. This applies to freelance graphics designers as well.

If you look at the portfolio of a good freelance graphic designer, you will find many mesmerizing designs that are examples of true art. There is no truth in the fact that freelance graphic designers are anyway less talented than one’s working in agencies.

This misconception often leads to frustration in freelancers. Everyone thinks they know about graphic design when they actually don’t. Graphic designers are used to listening to client’s opinion rather than focusing on their own.

  1. Freelance Graphic Designers Are Not Progressive

Graphics design field has changed a lot in last few years. If they don’t update their knowledge and skill, it will be hard for them to get new work or provide work that appeals to the client. You are more likely to find freelancers keeping an eye on changing market trends to keep themselves relevant and also increase their chances to get new projects.

There you have the five misconceptions about freelance graphic designers that are far from reality. Now that you know the truth, you can go ahead and hire a freelancer for your next creative project.

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