Small Business Website Design: Custom Built Versus Template Based

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Establishing an online website and creating an online presence is an integral part of a business in the present competitive arena of entrepreneurship. Creating an optimized website within the budget so as to attract a wide range of traffic is a must for any small business to flourish. Most customers look to surf the internet for information on services and goods that comes to them instantly through a well-defined website that holds their attention.

Custom website design or website template

For a small business to stand out from the crowd and to gain a permanent place in the customer’s mind, it needs to have an appealing web presence.  There are two main choices to attain this, either through a template web design or through a custom web design for small businessSmall Business Website Design: Custom Built Versus Template Based, in either case good search and hard work is essential to gain better search engine results. Having a good looking website is part of the internet marketing paradigm and having to build a website through templates also needs quality time investments and money. Before deciding through which method, a business website needs to be designed, research on the cost of both the methods, time incurred in developing the website through both these methods, and the time incurred to build the product online, within the same time frame.

Custom Website Design

A custom website is unique to a business, it gets developed from scratch. Its information architecture, graphics, navigational structure, administrative back end, functions all gets designed based on the specifications lineated by the website owners. A custom web design is ideal for a small business with established branding guidelines that reflect the nature of the business exactly. Custom websites offer every single aspect required to elevate the status of the website beyond boundaries. It includes all integrities of a professional business site such as search engine optimization, data analytics, integration with social media and so on. All of these are possible with a custom website design.


•  The website holds a unique design incorporating all basic needs of the business.

•  The Content Management System gets built into the site to make it easy for its owners to manage the site’s content by themselves.

•  Custom website designs are search engine friendly.

•  The website is highly adaptable to the needs of the business.

•  The website is cross browser compatible.

•  Offers the best user experience possible as it is being built based on owner’s specifications.

•  Continuous support is offered post website development.

Template Based Website

Even though custom website translates business specifications exactly, they are not needed in all cases, start-ups could be fine with pre-defined website templates as well.  These templates offer the modest internet presence for a business and is ideal for those with short deadlines for launching, little content, and websites having small budget and little project scope. They are economical and are quick to get launched as they are based on a pre-existing layout and includes only few basic functions such as social media links, contact forms, pre-defined content etc. It also allows very less customization with graphics, colors, fonts etc.


For those businesses that value the importance of a strong online identity, it is important to invest in a web design that is being custom built, rather than finding a template that fits the brand. But as a business grows, its website needs to grow as well, irrespective of building a website or implementing a pre-defined template, it is important for it to keep migrating towards robust and custom defined solutions as the business evolves over time.

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