The Benefits of cPanel Hosting for Business

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cPanel is the favorite web based server side control panel that gained unparalleled popularity for its flexibility, ease and robust feature set. Almost all hosting companies offer cPanel as part of their hosting package. It can run with any operating system offering highest flexibility in comparison to most other hosting services. The control panel has gained huge popularity because of offering feature rich server management experience and allowing total control over all server management tasks.

The Benefits of cPanel Hosting for BusinesscPanel and Web Hosting for Beginners

cPanel is a Linux based control panel having extremely easy to use interface and an array of powerful tools.  From allowing users handling the hosting accounts and websites in a easy manner to exercising total control over all server side tasks and functionalities like domain management, file management, database administration, email account management and configuration, software and third party plugin setup and configuration, server security, etc.

Actually cPanel just fits into any type of server requirements including that of big traffic heavy sites to small business websites to aspiring start-ups. Particularly for small businesses, start-ups and beginners in the hosting a website, cPanel offers an ideal choice as with it you can choose less expensive cPanel VPS hosting instead of costly dedicated hosting.

Features of cPanel Website Hosting

Let us begin with some of the most well known features and benefits of CPanel hosting.

  With cPanel you can experience extreme ease in managing website tools.

  All the administrative functions are at your disposal without creating any confusion.

  cPanel allows adding domains easily without much complexity.

  With cPanel you can add new databases with just a click.

  There is an array of tools for building designs that can be handled by both experienced ones and beginners.

  An array of cPanel third party plugins will allow adding lot of custom features.

  With cPanel you can enjoy unparalleled security and protection for hotlink as well as bandwidth.

Even when you have a relatively cheaper web hosting package cPanel will take care of lot of aspects that are missing in the package. This makes this control panel a great cost saving tool as well.

User Benefits of having cPanel

cPanel hosting seen from the user’s point has the following advantages.

  A feature reach hosting package: You have a widest range of features that makes server management and control extremely easy and value added. From adding domains to quickly checking bandwidth availability and use to viewing server statistics to managing emails, FTTP accounts, domains and sub-domains, you have all functions with this control panel.

  Glitch free maintenance:  Maintenance is needed for any website to make things perfect and ensure optimum performance from time to time. Maintenance involves monitoring and backup of directories, data backup and many other aspects. For all these tasks cPanel facilitates automated scheduler and task process requiring least manual intervention.

  Wide array of plugins: There are hundreds of third party software plugins that enhances the cPanel functions and usability further.

Key things in cPanel administrative area

Login in to the cPanel administrative area one can finally get in touch with the advantages offered by this acclaimed control panel system. Let us have a quick look at some of the key sections and what they contain or offer.

  Special addons: Among special cPanel addons you can choose various things that you may need for your website including WordPress themes, SiteLock and web design services.

  Domain management : This is a section for managing sub-domains,  add new domains, parked domains and configure redirects.

  Databases: As the name suggests this sction will allow you to access databases.

  Managing email accounts:  From setting up new accounts to managing emails to setting auto responders, this section will do all conceding email accounts.

  Files: This section will allow access to backup files and manage your files. In backing up files cPanel can be scheduled and accordingly from time to time you can run this.

  Logs and directory: This section will allow access to all the stats.

  Addons and plugins: In this section you will have all the third party plugins, addons and  third party software that you can utilize according to the requirement.

From the above mentioned features and attributes it is clear that cPanel hosting allows you to do almost anything you ever expected to manage the server. Sporting a clean look and feel and offering unparalleled flexibility with rich feature set, cPanel gives a comprehensive server side experience.

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