Top Eight Ideas for Restaurant Website Design

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Looking for restaurant website design services? Choose a professional web development company having expertise in restaurant website design and show off an exclusive styled dining experience. You must look into the fact that your website should be designed in such a manner that it encourages customers to visit the restaurant. The images of wide array of delicious food must be present on your site to attract food lovers. Moreover, the website should be designed in an easy and clear way to let people find all the essential information. The crucial elements of every restaurant website design include professional photography, compelling, concise & clear content, quick access to location, contact numbers and hours of operation. In addition, while designing a restaurant website, you should include easy-to-access menu, online reservations as well as social media buttons. Let’s check out a few ideas for professional restaurant website design:


Use slideshow of cuisine front & Center – You must make use of a slideshow of cuisine front and centre, fitting the width of your screen to attract your customers. The slideshow can include the lists of current specials. This could be an excellent tactic for driving hungry customers through the door. However, there is no need to draw up Google Maps for finding the nearby location. It will be enough if you have an overlaid map providing the necessary information on the homepage.

Keep simple information on the site, paying attention to the brand – A restaurant website usually doesn’t contain much information. It would be more than enough if you just include a menu, ‘contact us’ page, social buttons and an online reservation tab, paying attention to the brand.

Include an overhead image of table setting – You can also have an overhead picture of a table setting with restaurant cuisine set, which will help to set the tone of your website. Take advantage of the capabilities of light, camera and lens to develop the right photography. If required, you can take the help of someone who is competent enough to use the camera and lens. Never mind if you don’t have a large budget for photography. A basic understanding of the essentials of photography can go a long way to solve this problem.

Display pictures of the wide array of dishes – It is common psychology that people will be attracted to the pictures of delicious lunch on the go. So you must include pictures of variety of dishes available. You also have to make a clear use of navigation for allowing customers to get easier access of what they are looking for. Display food front and restaurant center in a simple and effective manner for getting customer attention.

Create site in perfect complement to business philosophy – Design your website in perfect complement to your business philosophy which is to offer great food, outstanding value and practise customer-oriented service.

Define call-to-action clearly – You should clearly define call-to-action for getting instant orders. Photography can play a great role in the overall design of your restaurant website design. You can make use of full-screen slideshow of some delectable dishes that are available in your restaurant every week for getting customers. Moreover, you should talk about your social responsibility and should be easily accessible on social network for letting your customers stay updated with the latest offerings of your restaurant. Prominent call-to-action would be offering gift cards to customers and providing easy access to the social media accounts. You can talk about the current specials of your restaurant menu with the help of a slideshow, which lets your customers know about what are in store for them.

Make it easy for customers to find a menu – You should always design a website in such a way so that it becomes easy for customers to find the menu. If required, take visual cues from design and present them in a fresh and modern format.

Add elegance to composition – While designing website for a restaurant, it is also important to add elegance to the composition. Use subtle gradient in typography and high quality photography. Besides, you can use curved navigation for adding grace to the overall composition of the site. You can use orange and white command on your web layout. Furthermore, oversized headings and full-screen photography together can help to establish your restaurant website as an urban oasis, worthy of checking out. This doesn’t overload your viewers with content. Moreover, JavaScript effects can be used minimally for drawing attention of customers to strong photography.

Follow these ideas and design your restaurant website design in an exclusive way. If you want, you can also appoint one of the top restaurant website design service providers.

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