Top Five Considerations for an eCommerce Website Developer

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It’s no doubt that starting an eCommerce business is a tough job. In order to attain success in this business, you should evaluate your site constantly along with your sales and profits. If you are having the plan to build an eCommerce website, you must consider how to sell your products.  Set color choices for your products using a sliding price scale and the items you want to include in a typical way. Now, what are the top five considerations that you should keep an eye on as an eCommerce website developer?

 Selecting domain name – Before building an eCommerce website, you should first select a domain name with significant keywords of your product. This is important if you have the plan of relying on advertisements like text links and banners. Choose a unique name to build your brand, so that people remember your company after reading your advertising campaigns. Think carefully about how you will select your words. You must utter your potential domain name and think about how someone will spell the words. If you are just starting your website, you may not require a big web server or a hosting account. Make use of a shared web hosting account for expanding your web space as well as bandwidth. Remember, it is easier to upgrade a prevailing account rather than moving to a new host. Moving to new host enhances the risk of probable downtime when your files are relocated and your domain name is reallocated.

 Using external shopping cart – Try to use an external shopping cart if you want to sell products through an eCommerce website. You may use a regular website with advanced links to external shopping cart. This is easy to set up. However, keep in mind that people who leave your site and return later will come back to an empty shopping cart leading to lost sales. On the other hand, complete eCommerce solutions will be ideal for a larger and dynamic product catalogue. Opt for open source projects, providing low cost programs for running a web shop. Choose the one which is powerful and offers a number of modules for building exactly what is required for your web shop.

 Offering the right payment method online – It is extremely significant to offer the right payment method for an online business. Weigh up all the options carefully and choose the one which is customer friendly. You may offer credit card payments in case your margins are very high. PayPal is one of the best options as it offers online payments through credit card. As soon as your baselines are established and you come to know about your average monthly transactions, check out what other online payment providers are offering. Never forget to check out the services offered by banks.

 Designing an eCommerce site – You can make use of a free shopping cart application before investing in a competently designed template. If you select a shopping cart template before starting customization, you can easily customize your online shop. Remember that the quickest and cheapest way of finding a unique design for web shop is starting with a pre-designed template and making the necessary modifications on your own. In case you are having an existing ecommerce site and want to add one pre-made template, you will have to add modules again for retaining your current customization.

 Evaluating after first year – It is also important that you should evaluate after the first year. Ask yourself what you have learned in the past, where you have failed and where you have excelled. Assess all your sales for determining whether there is any hidden jewel or parasite. It may happen that the best-selling items on your website can cost you money rather than bringing profit, whereas the item that you have never really promoted is yielding the highest revenues. So, never forget to review your shopping cart as well as payment options. Ask yourself whether any better plan is available for your sales or, whether you have to pay too much for each transaction? Furthermore, you must question whether you are losing sales just because your payment option doesn’t allow foreign sales? Always make plans for expanding your product line. Make research to weigh up whether your existing payment service can handle all the changes. In case you have the plan to expand your business in another country, research the language as well as the currency options.

Follow these simple tips and you will surely come up as a successful eCommerce website developer.

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