What to Look for When Choosing a Freelance Graphic Designer

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Once you have realized the importance of creating a visually appealing brand image for your business, which not only makes your brand memorable, but also brings credibility to it, the next question is what to look for when choosing a freelance graphic designer.

You may not have the expertise to create a visual brand image for your business on your own or the time to create a beautiful and memorable logo for your business that makes your brand synonymous with your line of products and services. You need the services of a professional graphic designer who has a knack for marketing and can create killer graphics and images for your websites, business logo, and other marketing material.  Hiring the right designer can help your business will sets your business apart with that memorable first impression.

Why Choose a Freelance Graphic Designer:

Whether you run an established business or a startup, working with freelancers offer many advantages. You have the flexibility to scale-up or scale-down the engagement, according to your business requirements, less supervision, low overheads and more. No wonder, an estimated 20% of the graphic designers work on a freelance basis. However, to make your investment on graphic designing a profitable one you need to understand what to look for when choosing a freelance graphic designer, as hiring a freelance graphic designer hastily may prove devastating to your business.

What to Look for When Choosing a Freelance Graphic Designer

A right graphic designer can add value to your business helping your business with a memorable logo that makes your brand synonymous with your line of products or services. However, selecting the perfect graphic designer who understands your business and your organizational culture is important. Here are some of the important factors you need to consider before selecting a freelance graphic designer for your business.

  • Experience: As they say, “practice makes perfect,” holds true even for your graphic designer and hence experience is an important consideration when you need to hire a designer for your business.  Experience helps professionals understand corporate culture such as ethics, work practices, alongside helping them hone their design and marketing skills across a variety of verticals. Graphic designers with relevant experience will become efficient, sensitive to the time and financial aspects of a project. Select a freelancer who has worked with design houses and for corporate communication for a variety of industries so they hit the ground running. You can check their portfolio if available online, ask more samples to see if they have experience in your line of business.
  • Communication: Communication is vital for the success of your projects. The graphic designer you select to work on your projects need to understand the terms and conditions of working with your business, your organization structure, culture, graphic design goals, etc. Ability to community regularly and effectively is important to build long-term fruitful associations. If you find a local candidate, you can arrange for face-to-face meetings. Deciding to hire a freelancer helps you select the best talent from anywhere in the country or even the world, where you may not have a chance to have face-to-face discussion, in such cases, you may have regular video communication. Video conversations help understand each other’s non-verbal communication, as well.   Check if the freelance graphic designer you shortlist can have regular video conversations and his ability to meet in person, if required.
  • New perspective and ideas:  Constructive criticism is key to generating great ideas and developing perfect business strategies, a designer who merely implements your ideas may be fine, but may not contribute strategically to your business. Make sure the freelance graphic designer you chose to work with has plenty of ideas and is not afraid to share those with you.
  • Cost: well, cost is another important consideration when looking to select the right freelance graphic designer to work for your business. Invest some time to understand the pricing structure and the prevailing hourly, weekly, project-wise rates of graphic designers. You may find some low cost graphic designers, but make sure they do not compromise quality, with extending deadlines, etc.  Look for an experienced and quality freelance graphic designer who may charge a competitive price but delivers high quality work.

Engage a quality freelance graphic designer, who can present a visually appealing image of your business to the prospects, helping create a memorable brand identity that helps your business scale new heights.

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