WHM VPS Optimized for Small Businesses

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Before we speak about WHM and WHM VPS optimized, it is fair to discuss the advantages of using a VPS server to host the websites of a small business.

Availability of resources and budget are two of the biggest differences between a large corporation and a small business. Taking websites into consideration, the capabilities and resources used by a small business website are considerably less when compared to the web resources used up by a large corporation website. Dedicated servers are counted upon by website owners for its uptime reliability and unmatched performance. Hence websites which are needed to be kept up and running 24×7 with no downtime or performance issues are mostly hosted on a dedicated server, thus granting the exclusivity of the server to that site alone. Albeit, dedicated servers need to have a dedicated team to manage the hosting process and only those businesses who can afford the maintenance charges can go for it. On the flip side, small businesses have limited resources and budget on their side to invest all of their money on the website hosting alone. Hence, rather than opting for dedicated private servers to manage their websites, small businesses normally opt for shared servers which host many other websites along with theirs. However, shared servers face a lot of performance issues, power outage and unexpected downtime resulting in undue losses. Hence a virtual private server (VPS) seems like a bargain given the above conditions of both dedicated and shared servers, one which offers the privacy and flexibility of a dedicated server, but still the lower price and simplicity of a shared server. Though the RAM and memory of a VPS server are divided among multiple website accounts, each account has its own share of the time and memory, thus ensuring no website has to be affected due to the performance/traffic surge of another site.

Speaking of WHM VPS Optimized for Small BusinessesWHM VPS optimized, Web host managers (WHM), as the name implies are powerful software programs or consoles that are used to administer the control panel (cPanel) of a website and manage multiple sites, accounts, domains and sub domains on a hosting server. Using cPanel WHM one can create and manage multiple cPanel accounts on a server and assign them to sites of importance and popularity. A WHM also offers a set of tools to customize the control panel, change the domain names and user names and switch between various cPanel accounts. That being said about WHM, here are a few advantages of using a VPS optimized WHM for web and server management.

• On a VPS, using WHM VPS optimized a website host can alter the bandwidth allocation to particular sites and distribute it wisely among sites which need it the most. The bandwidth and other resources can be upgraded only when needed, thus saving a lot of money unlike a dedicated server (www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-dedicated-server.htm).

• Using a WHM one can configure the status and security of a hosting server. A WHM VPS optimized can address many performance issues like RAM and memory constraints that are normally faced by shared servers.

• As told before, shared servers face a lot of memory constraints as there are many sites hosted on a single server and the allocated memory space might run out sometimes. A WHM VPS optimized can reduce memory usage by 12-15 megabytes, thus enabling an optimized use of the allocated memory.

• Baseline memory usage numbers are also significantly reduced by employing a WHM VPS optimized. In addition, a WHM that is VPS optimized offers a third layer of performance enhancement by DNS clustering with the syncing process and error detection.

• A VPS optimized WHM offers a redesigned log processing daemon that reduces utilization of memory and a process monitoring daemon that includes service-specific verification, thus making the VPS environment more conducive by offering dedicated memory and a well-planned RAM utilization.

• Lastly, deployment, installation and updating a WHM VPS optimized is relatively easy and once deployed, the above mentioned features of optimization are applied automatically and immediately.

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